Fabric shower curtains are a style solution for any bathroom but they only ever seem to be found in posh boutique hotels or abroad in places like Australia and the US. IT seems little old Blighty just hasn’t ‘cottoned’ on to this fabric shower curtain trend.

Fabric shower curtains are often made in heavy fabric which if made in good quality will drape beautifully over your bath acting as a seductive screen and a supreme setting which oozes luxury. This kind of shower curtain will add an illusion of expense and is a great way of adding a new feature to your bathroom without going to the trouble of redoing the whole room.

A fabric shower curtain is a fabulous way to draw attention to an individual characteristic bath. Victorian baths often look ridiculous when teamed with typical plastic shower curtains yet a fabric shower curtain will add to the boudoir bathroom feel and will scream luxury.

These luxury shower curtains are most accessible on many online stores as the UK high street has been late to adopt this fabric shower curtain trend. They can often be made to measure and can be customised to suit individual bathrooms.

Some people may worry about using a material shower curtain as they appear from the outside as quite delicate; however, by using some secure clips a clear plastic under shower curtain can be fitted to the luxurious outer shell creating a water proof lining. Then, when the outer shower curtain needs washing you can easily unclip it and wash it in a washing machine while the plastic liner can be simply wiped clean.

Elegant bathrooms are an ultimate goal for anyone who appreciates classic romantic style and fabric luxury shower curtains are the ultimate bathroom accessory to pull off this look. However, a few more bathroom accessories are needed to create the ultimate boutique bathroom. A good bath mat can be one of the bathroom accessories that will completely transform the look of a bathroom and when chosen to match other main features such as your luxury shower curtain, a sumptuous soft luxury bath mat will make all the difference.

Another way to wow your guests and create the ultimate in comfort is to buy a whole stack of gorgeously soft luxury bath towels. When looking for a good quality bath towel it is imperative you look at where they are made and what kind of towel you enjoy using, for example do you want it heavy and soft or would you rather it was lighter with a finer weave? Whichever bath towel you choose make sure it is super soft to make you feel like a princess every time you emerge from the tub.