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Drama. Drama. Drama.

This week has provided the country with political gossip gold that is just too hard to pass up.

While I usually write about one incident of particular annoyance, this time I just simply couldn’t pick. So enjoy this short and sweet overview of the shit that is going down in the not so adorable world of politics.


Today, Rick Perry (the man with an overwhelming amount of political hubris) has officially announced that he has suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination and decided to endorse the man who is his own biggest fan, Newt Gingrich.

Seriously Rick? You are just now realizing you didn’t have a chance in hell of winning the nomination? The rest of America figured that out a long time ago so thank you for finally catching up. Oh and I love how openly hypocritical you are in your decision to immediately endorse Gingrich, a man you and your team have publically lambasted for months now… Way to go, sell out.

After all your ill-begotten politically charged notions, don’t hold your breath now that you are realizing you opinions aren’t worth their weight in gold.


Speaking of Newt Gingrich, this is a VERY special and exciting week for him because tonight ABC news’s “Nightline” will air segments of an interview with his ex-wife…………OOPSIE.

I just LOVE this. Newt’s ex-wife Marianne Gingrich is divulging in a scandalous tell all about one of the most notoriously hypocritical men in the political game. Marianne Gingrich explains in her interview that Newt adamantly wanted an “open marriage” so that he could justify having a six-year affair with his then political aide and now wife. The lovely Marianne continues to explain that the man whose political stance supports “traditional marriage” wanted her to accepted the fact that he had a mistress, which is something Marianne could not get on board with.

OH REALLY?? In 2011 Newt Gingrich said: “I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I do believe and we have every right to defend a 3,000-year clear record that that’s what marriage is. And I don’t think we should be intimidated against it”

Let me get this straight, a traditional marriage is between a man and woman? Or a man and many women? Last I checked, fucking someone who isn’t your wife doesn’t fall in the realm of “traditional”

So Newt Gingrich wants to prevent Gays from marrying because its not traditional but since cheating has in recent years become a marriage tradition in heterosexual couples that’s okay?

Gay couples aren’t ruining the sanctity of marriage….people like Newt Gingrich are. Newt can take his tradition and shove it as far as I am concerned.


No, these are not the names of the latest celebrity couple; these are the names of two similar pieces of legislation that make a joke out of the first amendment. While there are some solid ideas I can get behind in these bills, over all they are generic garbage and poorly written works to limit free speech and free knowledge on the Internet. Not to mention, PIPA and SOPA could make it nearly impossible for start up companies to make a name for them selves or to find investors.

In opposition of PIPA and SOPA major websites like Wikipedia, Google, and others protested by going dark and/or adding information to their sites to inform readers of the potential destructive nature that accompanies the passing of these two bills.


The candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are still spending millions of dollars on attack adds against each other and President Obama, and now Obama’s re-election campaign is underway with new ads attacking conservative groups that attack him. At this point, it is all one big hot mess that makes the political campaign world look like one never-ending episode of Gossip Girl.

Republicans and Democrats, you all have skeletons in your closet, you have all made horrible and (lets hope) regrettable politically spurred votes so stop wasting money on your personal vendetta’s against the other that have zero bearing on the problems this nation faces and start focusing on things that are relevant to issues the people of this great nation care about.

That is all…..YATZEE

How to prevent tonsil stones

Whether you are trying to prevent yourself from getting tonsil stones again or from ever getting them, there are definitely things you can do to ensure yourself a clean and healthy mouth. By following through with these tips on how to prevent tonsil stones then you could never see them again or at all in your life.

1. Keep Good Oral Hygiene

The cleaner your mouth is the better your chances are at keeping those stones away. Brushing your teeth daily, flossing, using mouth wash and even scrubbing and brushing your tongue all promote good oral hygiene. Plus, the better your hygiene and diet is the healthier your immune system is.

2. Cut Back on Alcohol

One of the side effects of drinking alcohol is that is causes dry mouth since it is water soluble. Dry mouth is breeding ground for bad breath so if you do partake in drinking alcohol always make sure you are following a good oral hygiene regiment.

3. Don’t Eat Before Bed

Even if you do floss and brush every night there still may be small food particles still lying around in your mouth. If you lay down with them in there they can slide down and build up on your tonsils which could in turn cause the stones in tonsil. This is one of the most important tips on avoiding tonsilloliths that a person can follow for their immune system and body’s health.

4. Gargle Mouth Wash or Salt Water

You can do this if you currently have tonsilloliths as well to help remove them naturally but it is a great way to keep the tonsils and throat hydrated and less likely to attract draining fluids. Some people recommend you gargle either salt water or mouth wash at least three times a day or after each one of your meals to make sure all of your food gets flushed down properly.

5. Cut Back or Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking can also cause dry mouth and bad breath plus there are obvious other health benefits that could hurt you even worse. If you can reduce the amount you smoke and even drink water while you are smoking a cigarette to keep your mouth wet and hydrated.

6. Remove or Cut Back Dairy Intake

Calcium and mucous are both elements that cause tonsilloliths and dairy products just encourage the buildup of those two items. The less you intake dairy like milk, cheese, ice cream and cottage cheese the better your chances at staying tonsil stone free.

These are just a few of the tips on preventing tonsil stones you can use. There are many more but the majority of these incorporated into your daily life can keep you tonsil stone free for a long period of time. If your sinuses are draining or you are sick you have to watch yourself much closer here because that draining fluid is exactly how tonsilloliths form and cause some pain and discomfort for you.