Positive pregnancy test now what? Can it be wrong? Becoming pregnant is more of an exciting experience than of a frustrating feeling you can get. Why do you think women get frustrated when they think they have all the symptoms of becoming a mother? Usually when a woman feels all the signs of being pregnant, she tends to be filled with excitement and happiness to see her baby after nine months. But when she gets false positive pregnancy test despite all the pregnancy signs she got, that is when frustration comes in. If you are using the over the counter pregnancy test kit, can it be wrong? This article aims to provide you with information you will benefit from.

Always remember that when you buy an over the counter pregnancy test kit, there are a lot of tendencies you get a false pregnancy test result. So, can a pregnancy test be wrong? Absolutely… Pregnancy test kit might give you a positive result if you are pregnant but also it might show you a negative result. So the answer is yes, a pregnancy test can be wrong. This is the reason why it is important you know all the necessary things you should do before getting a kit over the counter. You may check on the following considerations below so you won’t fall into false result.

The over the counter pregnancy test kit can be wrong. One way to avoid it is to make sure the pregnancy test kit you buy is not expired. Always check the expiration date of your test kit since it can be wrong when it is already expired.

It can also be wrong if you take it too early. It is recommended you do a pregnancy test after the 14th day of your missed period. If you do the pregnancy test too early, it may not detect the presence HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone like mucus that is present in your urine.

How else can a test be wrong? Well, when you get a used pregnancy test kit it can show false results. It is recommended you use a pregnancy test kit just ONCE. Reusing a pregnancy test kit will no longer give you the validity and the reliability you ask for in a pregnancy test.

Another way it will probably be wrong is if you drop some liquid on it before you have used it. Make sure the pregnancy test is clean before usage.