In fear of burning your caramelized onions? Well there is a way of caramelizing them which reduces this risk.

First, in order to make caramelized onions it’s best to use the large standard yellow ones. This type of onion is best suited because it contains the greatest amount of sugar which is essential for the whole caramelizing process; the benefit is you don’t have to add additional sugar to the recipe and therefore there are fewer calories in it. Of course if you are using any other type of onion then a teaspoonful of sugar should be added during the cooking.

In essence the process of caramelizing onions is simple; but you do have to constantly monitor them in case they start to stick. Remember also that the amount of the finished product is reduced by two thirds of its original quantity.

CARAMELIZED ONIONS the burn- free way:


3 tablespoons of good quality cooking oil.

1 medium sized yellow onion cut in half then cut again in half rings.

A good pinch of salt; this is important as it draws out the moisture and thereby accelerates the caramelizing process.


Start by heating up the frying pan or skillet to a medium high temperature with the oil.

Toss in the onions together with the salt and coat the onions thoroughly with the oil. Keep moving the onions around as they cook; you will notice that they will soon start to change color changing from pale golden to eventually to a dark rich brown.

Keep on monitoring them, all the time tossing and stirring them around the pan; if you find the onions starting to stick to the bottom of the pan, as is sometimes the case, then don’t panic; just pour a small amount of liquid, it can be stock, water or even a drop of wine into the pan to loosen them. The liquid will act as a deglazing agent and will quickly evaporate as you loosen the onions from the base of the pan and so preventing them from burning.

Continue with this process of deglazing, tossing and stirring and keeping the onions from sticking until eventually the onions are soft, brown and juicy.

Ideas for using caramelized onions:

To take plain old cheese on toast to a new dimension, spread a generous dollop of the caramelized onions onto the bread just before piling on the grated cheese; finish by toasting under the grill.

Fill some small ready made pastry cases with some caramelized onions, don’t overfill; next pipe some soft cream cheese right around the edge. These are ideal for a buffet.

Spread a pizza base with some caramelized red onions (remember red onions need that teaspoon of sugar during the cooking process); top the onions with about twelve ring of soft goats cheese (120 grams); bake in the oven and finally top the cooked pizza with a sprinkling of rosemary.

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