If you regularly wax or shave, then there is a likelihood that you suffer from ingrown hairs every now and again. Thankfully, there are many ways to treat this condition easily painlessly. Shaving ‘against the grain’ or using laser hair removal can also help you to avoid ingrown hairs. If you do find yourself with this issue there are ingrown hair products and treatments to help you over the condition.

A hair can become ingrown if the hair is prevented from growing because of dead skin cells. Developing an ingrown hair is more likely to happen if you have coarse or curly hair. Sometimes hair will grow sideways or will grow out of the skin and curl back in. This can cause itching and, in some cases, an annoying pain. They can be extremely hard to get rid of, and can still remain even if you shave or wax again. Although these hairs are not usually dangerous, they can often be unsightly and embarrassing for people who have them. Some people choose to use tweezers as a form to get rid of ingrown hair. However, this can sometimes be very painful and will not effectively prevent further outbreaks from occurring. There are ingrown hair products available that can release the hairs, reduce the symptoms, and prevent future outbreaks.

This condition can affect anyone who shaves, waxes, tweezes and uses electrolysis to remove hair, and is particularly common amongst people who have curly hair. The condition is basically hair that either grows sideways or grows straight and then curls back into the skin. It is a condition that mostly affects adult men with darker skin or men who have curly hair, or curly facial hair. There are laser hair treatments that you can use to put this right but it can be costly and risky. Using ingrown hair products like Skin Doctors Ingrow Go is a great way of treating the problem effectively and safely. Signs of inverted hair are darkened skin, itching and embedded hair among others. A few ingrown hairs should be handled with a lotion or a topical cream but if the issue becomes more and more aggressive then you must consult a doctor for medical advice.

Remember to be vigilant for ingrown hairs and not to panic when they do appear. Seek medical advice if the condition persists and becomes chronic. There are topical ingrown hair treatments and products available to buy so that you can treat it yourself.